Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

Camera follow teams of High Court Enforcement Agents, dealing with the execution of High Court Writs.

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!
"An army veteran is evicted from his home of 19 years for a debt of almost \u00a330,000."
"Repossession agents Mike and Terry travel to Cheshire to collect a vehicle from a woman who owes several hundred pounds on a loan, before moving on to Liverpool to recover a Jaguar X-Type. High court enforcement officers Paul and Steve carry out an order to evict a couple with young children in London's East End just a few days before Christmas, and in Essex try to track down a man who owes his landlord more than \u00a310,000."
"Paul and Steve have to evict a vulnerable pair of hoarders and a young woman with a child for rent arrears. A writ to seize a taxi has been made out for the wrong man. When County Court bailiff Steve Wood has to repossess a classic corner shop, he finds that the unpaid rent is not the only problem."
"High court enforcement officers Paul Bohill and Steve Pinner face some tough decisions when are tasked with repossessing a house in which a woman is living with two very young children. They also pursue a debt of more than \u00a325,000 and visit a tenant in a fashionable London borough who has not paid his rent. Last in the series"
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Season 2 - Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!
"The documentary giving an insight into cash-strapped Britain from the perspectives of debtors, High Court enforcement bailiffs and repossession teams returns. Sheriff Paul Bohill tackles the case of a small debt owed by Neil `Razor' Ruddock to a kennel owner, before being forced to evict a school dinner lady in south London. Meanwhile, in the north of England enforcement agent Stewart MacCracken heads out with trainee Iain Taylor to confront a Yorkshire builder they need to get payment from at his home, while a reptile shop owner hit by online competitors urgently needs to pay a debt for the feed company he relies on to keep his animals alive"
"Sheriff Paul Bohill tackles the case of a small debt owed by ex-footballer Neil `Razor' Ruddock to a kennel owner, before being forced to evict a school dinner lady in south London. Meanwhile, in the north of England enforcement agent Stewart MacCracken heads out with trainee Iain Taylor to confront a Yorkshire builder they need to get payment from at his home, while a reptile shop owner hit by online competitors urgently needs to pay a debt for the feed company he relies on to keep his animals alive"
"Enforcement officers are faced with the difficult job of evicting a woman with two children - a task that takes a turn for the worse when her ex-partner makes an appearance. In Liverpool, locals threaten a riot over an unpaid debt at a computer shop, while two agents come across an extremely rare car in the course of their duties"
"Paul and Steve discover a locked wooden case when they are called to evict tenants from a flat in London's Docklands. Opening it up, they realise they urgently need police back-up - and the property quickly becomes a crime scene. Brian and Graham head to Swindon Town FC to collect a debt, while Paul's team arrives at a property in Essex to find that they have to turf out a woman and her six children."
"High Court enforcement officers Paul, Steve and Ben make a shocking discovery when they break into a home in Essex while serving an eviction notice on a single mother and her two children. Meanwhile, Stewart and Iain receive more than just threats from the staff and owner of a taxi business, a car dealer has to choose between paying up or losing his showroom stars, and an Indian restaurant owner is in danger of losing his livelihood"
"High Court enforcement officers Paul Bohill and Steve and Ben Pinner face their biggest eviction yet - taking on squatters in a large central London office block. With the help of the police, they try to remove a suspected group of 70 from the building, but with a barricade in place, the team faces a challenging operation ahead. Elsewhere, officers are confronted by an army of family and friends when they attempt to enforce a writ at the property of a debtor, and face a difficult eviction at the north London home of a heavily pregnant tenant and her family, after the council fails to pay the rent to the landlord"
"High Court enforcement officers Paul and Steve make an extraordinary discovery inside a locked bedroom, and immediately call for police back-up. Brian and Graham head to Swindon Town football club to recover a debt, while Paul and Ben have difficulty evicting a couple from a house in Kent after learning they have six children and nowhere else to go"
"Paul Bohill and Ben Pinner are called in to evict squatters from a residential property, and it soon becomes clear that things are not quite what they seem. Brian O'Shaughnessy and Graham Aldred arrive at a restaurant in north London to collect unpaid rent, but the situation becomes heated and the debtors make accusations to the police that could ruin the High Court enforcement agents' careers"
"Brian O'Shaughnessy and Graham Aldred's first case sees them in a Brighton health spa as they search for assets to seize in pursuit of a \u00a320,000 debt. Following a stand-off, they devise a way to work with the owner and her professional advisers to come up with a solution. Later, Graham reveals his softer side when he revisits a woman who defaulted on a debt payment plan"
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Season 3 - Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!
"Kevin Stokes and Brian O'Shaughnessy try to collect a debt from a technology company in Middlesex - and with the director nowhere to be seen, the office manager does everything she can to prove the business is no longer trading. Stewart McCracken and Elmor Victor face a heartbreaking house repossession in Merseyside, where two landlords are forced to evict a tenant recovering from a brain tumor which has cost him his job and income"
"Agents Paul Bohill and Steve Pinner get caught up in a dispute between a landlord and a tenant who refuses to move out, and Brian O'Shaughnessy and Delroy Anglin chase a \u00a317,000 debt. Meanwhile, in Essex, a couple owe their neighbour \u00a311,000, and on the south coast, debt collection from a Turkish restaurant gets complicated when there is confusion about ownership"
"Agents Paul and Phil head to Kent for an eviction, but when they finally take possession of the house, they discover a full-scale cannabis factory upstairs. Elsewhere, Brian and Delroy chase a debt of nearly \u00a33,000 in Hampshire and two agents attempt to collect almost \u00a35,000 owed by a farmer in Sussex. Plus, Paul finds himself accused of racism when he and Steve attempt to evict a Kosovan family living in emergency accommodation in North London"
"In East London, High Court Enforcement Agents Paul and Phil are involved in a brothel eviction, while in South Wales, Stewart and Elmore chase a debt owed by a working mum. Another case sees Stewart and Victor hunting down a \u00a33,000 debt owed by a Liverpool takeaway for rent arrears"
Season 4 - Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!
"Agents Stewart and Iain head to Lancashire for an eviction that proves to be the most confrontational case they have ever faced. In Surrey, Brian and Del chase over \u00a32,000 owed by a single mother for an unpaid childcare bill, before trying to recover \u00a312,000 of debt on credit cards. Meanwhile, Stewart and Iain's patience is tested to the limit during another eviction in Birmingham"
"Agents Stewart and Elmore are met with lies and aggression when they track down nearly \u00a33,000 owed by a garage mechanic, while Steve and Ben encounter a retired couple who are being forced to leave their home. Stuart and Vic revisit a young debtor who owe \u00a3750 for a laptop computer, and in Oxfordshire, Paul and Steve chase \u00a330,000 owed by a world-famous Formula One racing team"
"Agents Stewart and Iain head to Manchester, where a landlord is owed \u00a38,000 in rent arrears and has already called for police back-up. As tempers rise, the pair must find a way to handle a situation that is spiralling dangerously out of control. Meanwhile, Brian and Del chase \u00a33,000 owed to a firm of letting agents, before tracking a debtor who was accidentally over-paid for a job. Plus, Stewart and Iain face an eviction that is set to test their patience."
"In West London, agents Steve and Ben face the most audacious sublet scam they have ever seen, where the tenant owes \u00a314,000 in unpaid rent. Meanwhile, Brian and Del chase a debt of over \u00a310,000 owed to a van rental business in Sussex, before heading to Kent to recover \u00a36,000 from a mother who is financially dependent on her new partner. Plus, in North London, Paul and Steve come face-to-face with a terrible case of mould."
"Paul and Ben face a challenging eviction in London, where a vulnerable tenant in rent arrears has barricaded her front door, and the agents receive a tirade of abuse. Meanwhile, Brian and Del chase a debt of nearly \u00a32,000 in Surrey, before trying to recover almost \u00a33,000 in Northamptonshire. Finally, Steve and Ru head to Portsmouth to evict a young family for a landlord who wants her property back."
"Agents Stewart and Vic experience one of the most violent cases they have ever faced when they are confronted by an angry older gentleman. Later, the pair chase \u00a33,000 owed for an unwanted car engine, but the debtor is convinced that he knows the law and the agents' jobs better than they do. Meanwhile, Steve and Ben face a dilemma in north London, where a tenant is being evicted for rent arrears, and in south London, Paul and Steve have no option but to force a dramatic entry into a property"
"High Court enforcement agents Paul Bohill and Steve Pinner are in Birmingham on a potentially dangerous, full-scale eviction of a large traveller community. Meanwhile, in London's diamond district Brian O'Shaughnessy and Delroy Anglin are chasing nearly \u00a36,000 owed by a jeweller to an unhappy customer, although a solicitor tries to convince Delroy his client owes nothing"
"One-off edition in which the High Court enforcement agents are caught in the crossfire of three bitter family disputes, including a debt-dodging man who pushes his panic-stricken mother over the edge. Plus, a family booted onto the streets at night by a ruthless aunt, and a man who won't engage with the agents and loses his car"
"Paul and Steve have an emotional confrontation in Berkshire when a tearful woman accuses her landlord of fleecing her for extra rent, while Brian and Del travel to Luton to recover \u00a34,500 owed by an elusive debtor who has been giving them the runaround"
"A call to evict a defaulting tenant results in the discovery of an audacious subletting scam. Other cases involve an evasive debtor, the eviction of a family living in squalor and a recently divorced mother in denial that she faces bankruptcy."
"Stewart and Elmor turn detective, Brain and Del are assaulted by a debtor's wife, Stewart and Ian decode a debtor's lies, and Del and Dael track down an alleged knight of the realm."
"Del and Dael encounter lies and a wall of deceit as they try to collect a debt at an Indian takeaway in Essex and another owed by a private car dealer in Surrey. Paul and Steve tackle two tricky evictions in West London."
"The High Court Enforcement Agents face angry tenants, including one case in which \u00a345,000 is owed by a businessman to his ex-wife after a bitter break-up."
"Experienced agent Stewart and trainee Iain chase \u00a33,000 owed by a builder to a dissatisfied customer. Del and Dael collect over \u00a32,500 owed to a frozen food company."
"In south London, Del and Dael Anglin receive a hostile reception from the brother of a debtor who has alreasd defaulted on a promise to pay \u00a32,000 she owes to a storage company. In Worcestershire, Gareth and Craig try to recover \u00a345,000 from a young online entrepreneur, who claims no responsibility for the debt he owes to his courier. Their target cooks up a flimsy lie in an effort to absolve himself, but dishonesty proves to be the least of the agents' worries when they discover a stash of guns at the back of the garage. In east London, an Indian restaurant owner begins to take his financial responsibilities seriously when Del and Dael start removing cookers and freezers from his premises, and a pair of pensioners in Oxfordshire hope the High Court will provide them a lifeline as they try to pay off a \u00a34,000 bill to a solicitors' firm after a failed compensation claim"
"Gareth and Craig investigate a possible case of mistaken identity in Shropshire, then in south Wales they find themselves embroiled in a bitter dispute between two dog owners over a vet's bill. Steve and Phil must evict a distraught young family from a former high street bank in west London, then pay a call on an elderly tailor in north London."
"Paul and Ben try to drill through the locks on a property to evict the residents, only to find to their surprise that the door has been modified with some special reinforced metal. Elsewhere, Delroy and Brian try to reclaim money a garage owes to a customer and are shocked by the condition of the vehicle in question, and a woman who has acted as guarantor for her sister's tenancy does not realise the extent of her responsibilities"
Season 6 - Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!
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