Cardinal struggles to right past wrongs that could derail his investigation and end his career, as the case grows more violent and twisted, and the clock ticks down on the killer's next victim.

Genre: Crime , Drama

Country: Canada

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - Cardinal
"When the body of a missing girl is found, detectives John Cardinal and Lise Delorme set out to uncover the mystery."
"Delorme risks the whole investigation as he tries to catch Cardinal red-handed. The killer gets closer to his next victim."
"Eric urges Edie to torture Keith, Delorme worries that Cardinal has sidelined her and Cardinal gets a break in the Curry case."
"A criminal breaks into Eric and Edie's basement and finds Keith. Issues between Cardinal and Delorme threaten their partnership. Cardinal takes risks in the investigation."
"Cardinal and Delorme know who killed Woody Baldwin, but now they must find him. Cardinal's daughter visits her mom."
"Cardinal realizes he wasn't working alone and may be too late to save his daughter. Delorme has a decision to make when she finds answers."
Season 2 - Cardinal
"Detective Jerry Commanda finds a confused, red-haired woman alone at a roadside bar with a bullet in her head. Red has no memory of who she is, how she got there, or who shot her. Even after the bullet is removed, she can\u2019t remember anything. Commanda turns the case over to Detectives John Cardinal and Lise Delorme, who must protect Red while trying to uncover her identity and shooter."
"Detectives John Cardinal and Lise Delorme identify the latest body as a local gun thief, their only suspect. Tracking the victim\u2019s final days leads them to the local Northern Raiders biker gang, so they enlist the help of an expert, Staff Sergeant Alan Clegg from the Ontario Police Department (OPD)."
"Detective Cardinal and Delorme retrieve security footage of Red that helps identify her as Terri Tait, a student from Vancouver, BC."
"Having tracked down Terri, Cardinal gains her trust. Terri\u2019s recovered memories give the team new information to work with and they make progress tracking Terri\u2019s shooter."
"John and Lisa connect evidence from a new crime to a ritualistic murder and Terri's memories help make a connection to a possible suspect."
"John and Lisa race to find Ray before he kills Terri and her brother. A betrayal threatens Cardinal and Delorme's case and their lives."
Season 3 - Cardinal
"As Cardinal struggles in the wake of his wife\u2019s suicide, Delorme becomes lead detective on both a double-murder and a string of muggings."
"Cardinal and Delorme struggle to identify the victims, unaware that there is a witness to the crime, who is being stalked by the murderer."
"As Sharlene and her family hold Lloyd Kreeger captive, Cardinal and Delorme flush out an unexpected ally in their search for the killers."
"Armed with new evidence, Cardinal and Delorme make a break in the case that could explain the motive behind the murders."
"Cardinal and Delorme uncover the identity of the Island Road killer and link the double homicide to the ATM robberies."
"Cardinal finds evidence that may prove Catherine was murdered, but he\u2019s sidetracked by a development in the Island Road case."
Season 4 - Cardinal
06 Apr 2020
"S4 E2Deslormes and Cardinal take the corpse to the Medical Examiner in Toronto. The doctor notices the body died of exposure, had duct tape torn off the lips and evidence of a taser stun ..."
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Season 8 - Cardinal
"No description"