Crackanory is a storytelling television series aimed at adults, inspired by the popular children's series Jackanory. Each episode features two 15-minute tales narrated by contemporary ...

Country: UK

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.1

Season 2 - Crackanory
"A cleaner is accidentally launched into space and a weatherman finds that he can control the weather in darkly comic tales read by Vic Reeves and Rik Mayall."
"A scientist creates the perfect wife - using his dog's brain and a prisoner escapes from jail by posting herself out in two twisted tales read by Ben Miller and Sue Perkins."
"David Mitchell and Katherine Parkinson read two dark tales in which a group of party guests fear for their lives and the survivors of an earthquake contemplate cannibalism."
"Johnny Vegas and Meera Syal read two more twisted tales of a man who finds relics from his dodgy past and a murderous obituary writer."
"A man with a gift for untangling things tries to woo a princess and a wife is framed for murder by her husband in two tales narrated by Warwick Davis and Emilia Fox."
"A TV talent show judge gets a taste of their own medicine and a street performer poses as a statue in order to foil an art heist in two more darkly comic tales."
Season 3 - Crackanory
"Things get out of control at a historical re-enactment group when evidence suggests history may have taken a different course. A young couple check into a mysterious B&B."
"A couple desperate to get their 'gifted' daughter into the best local school move into a makeshift camp. In 1901, a photographer attempts to prove a deadly beast doesn't exist."
"When his friend Craig is attacked by zombies, Brian swears to pick them off one by one. In the second tale a disgraced police detective thinks his Sat-Nav is possessed."