Press Your Luck

Contestants play for the chance to win a fortune by answering trivia questions and collecting prizes from a randomly flashing game board that includes animated imps called Whammys who erase all winnings. Hosted by actress Elizabeth Banks.

Director: Chester Feldman

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 6.3

Season 1 - Press Your Luck
"Joining Elizabeth Banks are contestants Alexa Huey (hometown: Oakland, California), Joseph Ross (hometown: Boston, Massachusetts), and Ann Blakley (hometown: Washington, Missouri)."
"Joining Elizabeth Banks are contestants Brian Miller (hometown: Huntersville, Pennsylvania), Mellanie Smith-Simmons (hometown: San Marcos, California) and Jeni Vargas (hometown: Anaheim Hills, California)."
"Joining Elizabeth Banks are contestants David Wells (hometown: Columbia, Montana), Pam Costa (hometown: San Pedro, California) and Dwight Huntsman (hometown: Oakland, California)."
"Joining Elizabeth Banks are contestants Janelle Richard (hometown: Los Angeles, California), Cathy Cisneros (hometown: Fallbrook, California) and Jason Collins (hometown: Tucson, Arizona)."
"Joining Elizabeth Banks are contestants JooBee Hughes (hometown: Burbank, California), Gerard Honig (hometown: Brooklyn, New York) and Doug Erdman (hometown: Capistrano Beach, California)."
"Joining Elizabeth Banks are contestants Joe Marino (hometown: Grapevine, Texas), Peggy Shevlin (hometown: Palm Desert, California) and George Murphy (hometown: Sherman Oaks, California)."