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Maddy Smith and her family are the only wolfbloods in Stoneybridge, which is a well-kept secret. They lead a peaceful life until Rhydian, a wolfblood, arrives and triggers chaos.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - Wolfblood
"Teenager Maddy Smith is hiding an extraordinary secret about who she really is. When new boy Rhydian turns up at school, Maddy's world gets a lot more complicated. Will he expose her for what she is - a wolfblood?"
"Rhydian and Maddy discover startling truths about other wolfbloods - but have they found out in time to rescue Shannon and Tom?"
"A school project reminds Rhydian how alone he is without his own wolfblood family. When the exhibition is vandalised, suspicion falls on him. Can Maddy help him clear his name?"
"Maddy is on the brink of her first full blown transformation and she's struggling to keep her powers hidden during a stressful time at school. Can Rhydian help her keep her secret?"
"Maddy is stuck with her school mates on Lindisfarne island on the night of her first full moon transformation."
"The power of Maddy's first full transformation still courses through her veins."
"Maddy Smith hides an extraordinary secret. It's the day of the dark moon and Maddy and Rhydian have lost all their wolfblood powers."
"During a sleepover with her friends at Shannon's, Maddy is given wolfsbane and fails to control her inner wolf."
"Rhydian agrees to spend the full moon in the den with Maddy and her parents"
"Rhydian's past catches up with him and he has a big decision to make."
"Maddy discovers a new wolf sense and can't get enough of it, but will this new obsession destroy her?"
"It's a full moon and beast hunter Kyle enlists Shannon and Tom to help him track down the beast of Stoneybridge."
"Rhydian's brother shows up in town and Shannon gets hold of Kyle's wolf bait."
Season 2 - Wolfblood
"Rhydian returns to Stoneybridge, leaving Maddy and her family in danger. Tom finds out that Shannon has a surveillance camera hidden in the den."
"An unexpected new arrival in Stoneybridge threatens to cause danger and chaos, and a jealous Maddy must choose sides."
"A forensic scientist threatens to unveil the wolfblood secret, as Liam boasts about his werewolf-slaughterer ancestors in a class project."
"A lunar eclipse gives our Wolfbloods a chance to experience something new, and Shannon reveals a hidden talent."
"After Alric returns, he has an ultimatum for Jana. Rhydian has a tough choice to make."
"Maddy, Emma, Daniel, Tom, and Shannon end up being lured to a scarey old house. Rhydian finds out something new about Jana."
"The feuds within the pack escalate when student elections are held, putting them all at risk."
"Jana is after Shannon's computer and Maddy must decide where her best interests lie."
"Maddy blames herself for Shannon's depression and hopes to make amends at the school disco."
"On an orienteering trip, Liam, Maddy and Rhydian go looking for an old 'werewolf' lair."
"Ceri unexpectedly turns up at the caravan with extraordinary news for Jana - the young girl has become Leader of her Pack. What will be her choice?"
"An exiled, frenzied Alric comes back looking for revenge. Maddy and Rhydian have to find a way to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Liam leads his friends back into the werewolf den."
"Doctor Whitewood gets Maddy's dad's DNA and she finds out about the wolfblood secret, Rhydian also asks Maddy on a date. Maddy and her family decide to leave the human world and go to Jana's pack to stay safe, leaving Rhydian, Shannon and Tom behind."
Season 3 - Wolfblood
"Rhydian, Shannon and Tom face a new future - and an old foe."
"An unexpected arrival puts Rhydian's leadership skills to the test."
"Tom is accused of poaching, so Shannon becomes his romantic alibi."
"Rhydian is reunited with his father - but why has he really come?"
"Sparks fly when some ancient wolfblood relics are discovered."
"Jana feels lost without her pack on a full moon."
"Rhydian is determined to help Jana and Shannon follows her dream."
"Rhydian and Jana mysteriously collapse when a comet appears."
"Jana, Tom and Shannon go to Segolia where Tom makes a terrifying discovery."
"Tom is out of control so Rhydian, Shannon and Jana turn to Segolia for help."
"Jeffries gets more than he bargained for when he follows Tom and his friends."
"The net closes in on Gerwyn, and help arrives from unexpected sources."
Season 4 - Wolfblood
"Jana's attempt to adapt to life in the city is thrown off course."
"Jana's loyalties are tested when she discovers Segolia might be concealing evidence."
"Being a teenager is hard enough. Being a Wolfblood teenager is ten times more complicated. 14 year old Maddy loves her abilities - heightened senses, being faster, stronger and more graceful - but hates the secrets that come with them."
"Jana's uneasy relationship with Imara is tested during a mission to find a dangerous wolfblood."
"TJ tries to help Selina with a problem that threatens to expose her as a wolfblood."
"With a Dark Moon looming, the pack is fraying at the edges and Selina's alter-ego is uncovered."
"When TJ falls for a human, he's in danger of breaking more than his heart."
"Jana and TJ are forced to find Carrie to avoid their secret being exposed."
"Jana's mission to the wild pack ends in disaster."
"Jana must decide where she belongs."
"Jana's world crumbles and a face from the past returns."
"Jana has to make a decision that will change the world forever."
Season 5 - Wolfblood
"Jana makes the shock decision that this will be her last full moon in the city. While the pack wrestle with the disappointment of losing their alpha, TJ falls for the smoke and mirrors of movie producer Joshua Hartington."
"The mystery wolfblood is unmasked and brings startling news from the Wild Pack. Jana summons the strength to help locate TJ, but her interference backfires with devastating consequences."
"The pack investigate the Segolia Vault and in doing so find the precious Dawnus Torc, which takes them on an adventure like never before. TJ falls sick with a mystery illness."
"Jana and Imara run into familiar faces as they track Hartington. Selina competes in the taekwondo fight of her life and in doing so makes an unlikely ally. Jeffries laments the end of his career."
"TJ's good intentions land him in hot water with Selina. The Humans group target the Kafe. A face from the past returns to take action that will change everything."
"Fantasy drama. It is dark moon day, and Katrina's grandfather has made the Kafe a wolfblood-free zone. Emilia's fate rests with Hannah, and Imara and Jana make a breakthrough in proving the conspiracy - but who can they trust?"
"Jana and the pack ask Emilia to tread carefully now that they suspect government officials are conspiring with Hartington to chip and de-wolf wolfbloods. But Emilia has no intention of backing down and makes a public display of rebellion."
"Unable to help Selina's parents, Jana resolves to find a way to help the other trapped wolfbloods, starting with the Genesis Project. Matei returns to the den to seek Jana's help in convincing Emilia that her vision of Blydissiad is false."
"Jana is forced to realise that she can't save everyone and must make a decision about her future. TJ and Matei track Emilia but discover that Madoc is now pack leader. They join the journey to Blydissiad but are in for a shock."
"Dr Whitewood reveals the amazing truth behind Project Genesis. Jana fulfils her promise to come after Hartington."